Why "Losing Weight" Should NOT be a New Year's Resolution

Last night I went to a Warriors game with my sister-in-law, and during the game we witnessed a short, petite, middle-aged woman walking down the stadium steps with a pile of pizza slices. There were at least 4 slices on its own plate, on top of a box that was probably nacho chips or something. Most likely, she was bringing this feast for her family but being the type of person my SIL and I am, we had to come up with the hypothesis that this woman was eating as much as she can before her New Year’s resolution kicked in. This led us to a conversation about resolutions. Now some of my readers may not agree with me on the following of this blog post, which is absolutely fine. My aim here not to disagree or prove anyone wrong, but to simply help my readers understand why health should be a priority and not something to address only when there's a special occasion.

I stopped making my New Year’s resolution to “lose weight” years ago, and last year, I just stopped making resolutions overall. To me, the transition from December 31st to January 1st is just another night, and New Year’s Eve is just another excuse to party, which by means I support 100%! But if I want to set goals for myself, I am not going to wait until the year's end to start. Setting a weight loss goal at the end of the year is tough, especially if you live in the U.S. or in areas where the last three months of the year is a series of holidays that consist of foods and sweets. That being said, you probably shouldn’t set that sort of goal at all for your New Year’s resolution.

In my opinion, losing weight or getting healthy should not be a New Year’s resolution, it should be a life goal: to lose weight if needed and to remain healthy for as long as you can. Now let me stop here, and explain to you what I mean when I say healthy. "Healthy" is not the same for everyone. Being healthy is what your body works with, therefor everyone is different. Being healthy for me is to eat whole and clean foods, like organic and non-gmo ingredients, grass-fed, pasture raised meats and wild seafood. This also means to avoid products in toxic packaging, and I mean products, not just foods (because my body does not methylate estrogen very well). Luckily, I'm a rational person and I know I can’t go every-single-minute-of-every-single-day with these values. Sometimes organic is not an option. Sometimes I can’t drive all the way to Oakland to pick up the best quality meat. Sometimes I have to wash my clothes with bleach (until I figure out an alternative). Hell, I am slowly transition my fabrics from polyester to cotton and it’s not gonna happen overnight. Do I even look like the kind of person that can balance this kind of lifestyle? If so, please call the cops. What's that lame but true saying about failure? "You learn through your failures -- if you don't fail, you don't learn -- failure is the opportunity to begin again -- yada fail yada." I do the best I can through failure. So when you set yourself up with a New Year's resolution that is designed for you to fail, then there’s this little fine print that says, “you fucked up, you can’t continue, go back to the lifestyle you had before." Does this sound familiar?

I wonder who decided that New Year was supposed to be a marker for changing your life? And who decided it was a market for changing your life? — See what I did there *low key wink*

I asked a crowd of employees at my gym what time of the day is the best to come in without the crazy New Year rush. They all looked at me in horror. They call it their “Super Bowl.” Say no more children of big corporate gym company, I’ll just workout from home until the end of January.

I have plans, not goals, for the next month, not year. And if you would like to know what they are, surprise surprise, it’s not health related. I am going to knock down the ugly kitchen cabinets in my garage that take so much space and was only put there because the previous owners thought it would be great for storage. No, thank you. My plan is to invest in a sledge hammer. My plan is to call my mom’s haul guy and ask him to take away all this clutter. My plan is to create a space in the garage for 1) the laundry 2) seasonal storage 3) my husband’s treadmill and 4) if I’m lucky, one car.

Focusing on you and yourself should be a priority throughout the year, not just the beginning of the year or before summer hits or before a wedding/high school reunion/big event. You should always strive to make yourself feel good about your body inside and out.

If you like the idea of setting new goals and simply need one for the start of 2017, here’s a list of a few resolutions you can set for yourself:

make new friends
clean out your closet
stop talking about other people
start a savings account
worry less
learn how to do something you’ve never done before
stop being so negative
take a road-trip
get more sleep
start a business
learn a language
invent something
plant a garden or tree
don’t buy the latest iPhone
try new things
stretch your back everyday
start new hygiene habits
spend less time on social media, hell just delete your Facebook account
join a local sports team
sell things at the farmers market
be yourself!

If you have any New Year's resolutions or just simply any upcoming goals you have and would like to share, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear!

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